Fuji Clean Australia's domestic biological wastewater treatment systems efficiently convert household wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and sewerage from toilets to eco-friendly waste. 

The units are compact, quiet and cost effective. Maintenance is simple and ongoing operational costs are low as a result of over 45 years of development and experience by Fuji Clean who manufacture in excess of 40,000 units per annum in Japan.

In Japan, high efficiency, combined biological wastewater treatment systems have been employed in houses for over 40 years, with a total of 9 million units installed. 180,000 units are installed annually.

The same proven technology is NOW AVAILABLE here through Fuji Clean Australia.

Water Filter Man Tamworth | Fuji Clean Biological Wastewater Treatment System


Water Filter Man Tamworth | Fuji Clean Domestic Wastewater Treatment System

Domestic Wastewater Treatment System


CE-1500EX is an AWTS designed to comply with AS/NZS 1546.3 and to meet each state in Australia’s regulatory requirements. 


An Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) is a small scale onsite sewage treatment plant. An AWTS uses the processes of aeration followed by clarification to achieve biological treatment of wastewater. 

Water Filter Man Tamworth | Fuji Clean Domestic Wastewater Treatment System

Ecocare Activator

Ecocare Activator is a multifunctional product formulated to provide a comprehensive solution to the interrelated issues of waste management, odour control and cleaning.

Ecocare Activator is a blend of natural ingredients and biological stimulants that combine to kill odours on contact, cut through grease, fat and grime, break down solids and condition and maintain a healthy bacterial balance - ensuring the effective and efficient breakdown of waste.